AC Controls specializes in process & system modernizations, upgrades, and migrations utilizing DCS, PLC's, RTU's, SCADA and more. Our expertise ensures seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies, optimizing industrial processes and ensuring safety.

Central Utilities Plant

Boiler Plant Master Boiler Flame Safety Boiler Combustion Control DA & Condensate Control Boiler Feedpump Control Chiller Plant Master Chilled Water Control Chiller & Cooling Tower Staging Chiller & Condenser Pump Staging

Process Controls

Continuous Process Control Batch Control Water & Waste Water Fire & Hazardous Gas Monitoring Tank Management & Level Control

Process Heat Controls

Kiln Control Furnace Control Dryer Control Dow Therm Satety & Control Lube Oil & Fuel Oil Heating

Heat Management Systems

Electric Heat Trace Engineering & Design Isometrics Control, Monitoring, & Sensing Site Services Installation Supervision Maintenance Services


DCS, PLC's, RTU's, HMI, SCANA, IIoT, Wireless


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Boiler Controls

We deliver comprehensive boiler combustion control systems, ranging from precise single-point positioning to fully metered-cross limited control. Our offerings include advanced features like:

  • Oxygen Trim
  • Drum Level
  • Draft Control

Our intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) consolidates burner management with first-out annunciation, providing a unified control center.  Each system is seamlessly integrated for effortless operation and troubleshooting. We also offer control of the balance of the plant, which encompasses crucial elements such as DA level and pressure, steam header pressure, and sequencing of boiler feedwater pumps.

Chiller Controls

Operating more chillers than necessary to maintain space temperature conditions is an issue for all plant operators. We can provide a fully integrated system to stage and sequence chillers based on real-time chilled water demand, optimizing performance. Additionally, we calculate and manage cooling tower, chilled water, and condenser pump requirements and stage them accordingly to ensure efficiency at every step.

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We design tailored solutions that provide precise control, repeatability, and ease of operation in industrial processes, including but not limited to:

  • Heat Treat Furnaces and Kilns
  • Tank Level Control and Monitoring
  • Electric Heat Trace Design
  • Vacuum Presses

With a focus on customization, our solutions guarantee end user satisfaction.