Westlock Positioners

Pentair Westlock Pnemuatic Positioners - 793 Rotary Valve Positioner

Westlock Controls, a Pentair Valves and Controls brand, provides pneumatic Positioners for the control of quarter-turn actuators. These compact Positioners are designed and manufactured for direct mounting to pneumatic actuators from Tyco Valves and Controls, as well as to all NAMUR-compatible actuators via a bracket kit. In addition to their control functionality Westlock Positioners offer visual indication of valve position for increased user awareness.

The 793 Rotary Valve Positioner is the ideal choice for general purpose pneumatic Positioner applications. Westlock Controls’ innovative internal design provides stable positioning characteristics for large and small actuators while retaining a compact form factor. The standard mounting kit allows for mounting directly and axially to the actuator stem. The 793 Positioner action can also be altered (direct or reverse) in the field by simply reversing air connection and turning the cam. For maximum flexibility, the 793 Positioner is compatible with either double-acting or single-acting applications.

To find out how Westlock Positioners from Pentair Valves and Controls can help in your Valve control and Positioning operations, contact AC Controls.

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