Westlock Position Monitors

Pentair Westlock Position Monitors - AccuTrak Position Monitor Supplier

Position Monitors from Westlock Controls (a Pentair Valves and Controls brand) are designed to provide monitoring and visual indication of process Valve positioning. Bright, easily identifiable colors and large beacons which can be read at a distance of up to 150 feet (45 meters) make user identification a breeze. All Pentair Westlock Position Monitors can also be read in any direction for flexible installation arrangements.

The Accutrak series of Position Monitors from Westlock Controls offer a diverse line of products to meet your application requirements. All AccuTrak monitor units utilize a stock mounting system for compatibility with industry-standard mounting brackets. Additional conduit for easy field wiring and mounting accessories make installation and configuration as simple as possible.

AccuTrak Position Monitors are available in general use, Explosionproof, Weathertight, non-Incendive, and non-hazardous enclosures with a variety of approvals. Most units utilize either an engineered resin enclosure or a powder coated aluminum enclosure. General enclosures are Type 4 and 4X approved.

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