VEGA Switching

VEGA Switching

In addition to its award-winning continuous level measuring products, VEGA also produces an outstanding line of level switching devices. Level switching is ideal for applications in which it is not necessary or desirable to continuously monitor the level. Instead, level switches from VEGA output a binary signal which registers either open or closed. VEGA level switches can be integrated into most process control systems, allowing centralized monitoring and control of their switch state.

Typical applications for VEGA level switches are process industry silos, pipelines, and storage tanks. VEGA switches use a variety of different technologies, and matching the proper type of switch technology to the individual application is crucial for proper performance. Level switching technologies from VEGA include Vibration, Capacitive, Radar, and Conductive. Vibration, Capacitive, and Radar technologies are available for both liquid and solid applications. Each technology is available in a variety of models, including:

  • Vibration level switches include the VEGASwing 50 and 60 series for switching liquids, as well as the VEGAVib 60 series and VEGAWave 60 series for switching solids.
  • Capacitive level switches include the VEGACap 20, 60, and 90 series for switching liquids, as well as the VEGACap 30 and 60 series for switching solids.
  • Radar level switches include the VEGAMip T61 and VEGAMip R61 for both switching liquids and switching solids.
  • Conductive level switches include the EL and VEGAKon 60 series for switching liquids.

Some models may offer SIL qualification up to SIL2 (Vibration and Capacitive types). A variety of construction materials are available to meet specific application requirements. Please contact AC Controls for more information on VEGA level switching products as well as determining what technology is the right fit for your application.

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