VEGA Radiation-Based Measurement


Radiation-based technology from VEGA offers precise measurement for flow, level, switching, and density applications. VEGA radiation-based measuring products use non-contact measurement techniques, greatly increasing their expected lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. The technique employed by VEGA sends out focused gamma rays from one side of the tank to a sensor on the other side. The intensity of the isotopes is then measured and calculated on the receiving sensor, displaying the changes as a result of the medium that the isotopes passed through.

VEGA has designed radiation-based technologies for multiple application types, including:

  • Level: Radiation-based level measurement is designed for continuous level and interface measurement of round and conical vessels, including pressurized vessels or tanks with agitators. Models include the VEGA FIBERTrac 30 and SOLITrac 30 series of units.
  • Switching: Radiation-based point level detection is designed for intermittent level detection in vessels. Models include the VEGA POINTrac 30 and MINITrac 30 series of units.
  • Density: Radiation-based density detection is designed to determine the density of media through pipelines or vessel walls, with no direct contact. Their small size makes them ideal for confined spaces. Models include the VEGA MINITrac 30 series of units.
  • Flow: Radiation-based flow detection is designed for mass flow determination in industrial conveyor applications, including conveyor belts and conveyor spirals. Their frame construction allows them to be retrofitted onto existing conveyor belts. Models include the WEIGHTrac 30 series of units.

SIL qualification is available for most VEGA radiation-based level, switching, and density products (up to SIL2). A multitude of models and customizations are available to ensure that your exact requirements are fulfilled.

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