VEGA Pressure Measurement

VEGA Pressure

Measuring certain subjects like gas and vapor with outdated technology reduces the efficiency of industrial processes. As a result, VEGA has designed a full line of Pressure Measurement technologies and techniques for process/differential pressure, volume, mass, and level in industrial environments. Pressure measurement from VEGA is ideal for measuring gases, vapors, and liquids.

VEGA pressure measurement is available in three separate technologies, Process Pressure, Hydrostatic, and Differential Pressure. Each technology has its own strengths and weaknesses, and is suited for specific applications. VEGA offers a variety of models in each technology type, including:

  • Process Pressure: Process Pressure Measurement sensors are ideal for pressure detection in pipes or closed vessels. Models include the VEGABar 10 and 50 series of units.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Hydrostatic Pressure Measurement sensors detect minute changes in hydrostatic pressure which is affected by the filling level of the tank or holding container. Models include the VEGABar 60 series and VEGAWell 50 series of units.
  • Differential Pressure: Differential Pressure sensors are ideal for manifold applications, pump and filter monitoring, and liquid level measurement. Models include the VEGADif 60 series, and Isolating Diaphragm CSB/CSS series of units.

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