Vega Measurement Equipment

Vega Level, Density, Weight & Pressure Measurement Equipment

Level, Density, Weight and Pressure Measurement Equipment

VEGA level, density, weight, and pressure measurement equipment lead their respective industries in accuracy and reliability. VEGA Americas (formerly Ohmart-Vega), is the inventor of modern nuclear-based level and density measurement, and VEGA manufactures technologically superior pressure measurement instrumentation and equipment. To find out how VEGA products can improve your measurement applications, contact AC Controls.

Technologically superior products for level, density, weight, and pressure measurement

Level Measurement »

VEGA level measurement leads the industry in reliability and accuracy.

VEGA leads the industry in level measurement technology.

Level Switching »

VEGA level switching offers reliable, binary monitoring of process levels. VEGA level switches are suitable for liquid or solid monitoring.

VEGA Level Switches provide a binary level monitoring system for industrial processes.

Pressure Measurement »

VEGA offers specific technologies and models for measuring gases, vapors, and liquids in industrial process environments. Pressure measurement from VEGA is ideal for process/differential pressure, volume, mass, and level applications.

VEGA Pressure Measurement products are ideal for gas, vapor, and liquid process measurements.

Radiation-Based Measurement »

Radiation-based technology from VEGA offers precise measurement for flow, level, switching, and density applications.

Radiation-based measurement technology from VEGA provides precise, contact-free measurement for indu…

System Components »

VEGA Accessories, components, and management software drastically increases the performance and reliability of VEGA level measurement products.

VEGA system components simplify management, calibration, and monitoring of VEGA level measurement pr…

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