VEGA System Components and Accessories

System Components

Proper accessories, components, and software can drastically increase the performance of VEGA level measurement products. VEGA manufactures a full line of indicating displays, signal conditioning instruments, processing systems, and management software for the industrial process industry. In addition to ensuring maximum performance from VEGA products, these components reduce maintenance and troubleshooting time. VEGA components and accessories include:

  • Indicating and Adjustment: VEGA offers displays and interface modems for compatible plics sensors. Heads up displays provide a quick reference for the performance state of a given unit in the field. Models include the VEGADis 10 and 60 series of loop-powered displays, the VEGADis 175 series of panel mounted displays, the PLICSCOM configuration unit, and VEGAConnect4 interface modem.

  • Signal Conditioning: Single and multi-signal conditioning units from VEGA optimize your continuous measurement systems. Models include the VEGAMet 380, 390, 620, and 690 series of units, as well as the VEGATor 520 and 620 series of units.

  • Processing Systems: VEGA offers the VEGALog processing system for monitoring of VEGA level measurement products. The VEGALog is fully modular for maximum flexibility of the units’ configuration. Once installed and configured, the VEGALog unit takes full control of digital communications, and is itself controlled and adjusted via a PC running VVO / PACTWare software. Models include the base VEGALog 571 CPU, and modular expansions for power supply/current signal processing, Profibus PA, output with 0-20mA current, relay output, transistor output.

  • Software: Configuration and monitoring software from VEGA simplifies calibration and diagnostic processes. VEGA PACTWare and Ohmview 2000 are ready for installation on typical Windows PC’s, and offer easily-navigated interfaces. Once installed, the PC is transformed into a VEGA control platform, and can be connected to various VEGA products for calibration.

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