United Electric Pressure and Temperature Switches

Electric Pressure Switches - Temperature Switch

United Electric Controls offers a versatile assortment of Pressure, Temperature, Differential Pressure, and Vacuum Switches for industrial applications. United Electric Controls offers both traditional Electromechanical Switches and modern Solid State Electronic Switches to better meet your operational requirements. Switches from United Electric can be configured for use in a variety of environments from hazardous to nonhazardous. Enclosures range from type 4X to explosion-proof. United Electric Switches are available with a wide variety of inputs and outputs.

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Solid State Electronic Switches »

The next step in innovative Switching technology: the One Series Solid State Electronic Switch from United Electric Controls

Innovative One Series Solid State Electronic Switches from United Electric.

Electromechanical Switches »

Electromechanical Vacuum, Pressure, Differential Pressure, and Temperature Switches from United Electric Controls.

Traditional Electromechanical Pressure and Temperature Switches from United Electric Controls.

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