Pentair Valves & Controls (formerly Tyco Valves)

Pentair Valves - Actuator & Control Products (formerly Tyco Valves)

Valve, Actuator, & Control Products

Pentair Valves & Controls (formerly Tyco Valves and Controls) delivers industry-leading quality in Valve, Actuator, and Control products. Their products and services are designed to meet or exceed application requirements in markets from process, chemical & petrochemical, power, and HVAC, to food & beverage, pulp & paper, and mining. With products including Keystone Process Butterfly Valves, Actuators, Ball Valves, Sampling Systems, and more, Pentair Valves & Controls offers an incredibly diverse portfolio of experience. AC Controls carries a vast selection of Keystone, Morin, Vanessa, Yarway, Avid, and Westlock valves and control products. If you require efficient, reliable service, choose Pentair Valves & Controls from AC Controls.


Keystone »

AC Controls offers Keystone butterfly & ball valves as well as Keystone actuation & control products; designed & manufactured for the process industry. Keystone is owned by Pentair Valves and Controls (formerly Tyco Valves and Controls).

Keystone offers butterfly valves, ball valves, and valve accessories.

Morin »

Morin’s pneumatic & hydraulic quarter-turn actuators are manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes & corrosion resistant materials.

Morin’s manufactures rugged pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn actuators.

Vanessa »

Vanessa’s triple offset valves represent the industry standard in process valves providing the ultimate in zero-leakage performance.

Vanessa offers triple offset rotary valves.

Yarway »

Yarway valves, instruments & equipment assist in heat management for steam generators, including continuous blowdown, high pressure vent and drain apps.

Yarway offers valves and instruments to assist in heat management for steam generators.

Avid »

Pentair (Tyco) Avid Valve Automation Accessories from AC Controls offer intelligent control and monitoring of your automation instruments.

Avid specializes in Positioners, Position Monitors, and Limit Switches.

Westlock »

Westlock Controls specializes in monitoring and control products, including Positioners and Position Monitors.

Westlock manufacturers Positioners and Position Monitors.

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