Honeywell Smartline Transmitters

Smartline Transmitters

Honeywell is once again redefining the industrial Pressure Transmitter field through innovation and technical expertise. With the new array of Smartline Pressure Transmitters, Honeywell has engineered a product that increases reliability, performance, and monitoring. At the same time Smartline Transmitters decrease maintenance and operation costs due to their advanced feature set and modularity.

The key to the Smartline Transmitter’s success can be found in the rich interface and its integration with the Smart Connection Suite. An advanced local display which fully supports local diagnostics and configuration provides immediate information on the Transmitter’s status. The Smart Connection Suite connects directly to plant control systems. Once connected it delivers messages, tamper alerts, field repair and control notices, and more. Operators know exactly what is happening at all times, allowing them to quickly diagnose and repair problems.

In order to meet the needs of varied Transmitter applications Honeywell offers three different Smartline Pressure Transmitters. The models currently available are:

  • The STA800 Smartline Absolute Pressure Transmitter
  • The STD800 Smartline Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • And the STG800 Smartline Differential Pressure Transmitter.

For more information on Honeywell Smartline Pressure Transmitters, including details on what model best fits your application requirements, contact AC Controls.

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