Turbine Bypass - Type DUP Steam Converting Valve

Schroedahl Turbine Bypass

Schroedahl’s Type DUP steam conditioning valve is an excellent choice for ensuring outstanding pressure reduction in your turbine bypass system.

A key feature of the DUP is the steam atomizing of the spray water. The high degree of atomization is typical, even in the event of intensive water injection the discharge section is minimized without using expensive protective tubes for the following pipelines. The DUP’s steam atomization of the injected spray water also provides the perfect steam consistency, near saturation temperature, for every system design. Additionally, for applications with special system requirements like those generally found in power plant technology and process industry, the Schroedahl DUP enables up to ten pressure reduction stages.

The valves have the following special features:

  • Perforated plug with controlled pressure reduction in two stages
  • One or more attenuation plates providing uncontrolled pressure reduction
  • Integrated atomiser unit
  • Welding ends
  • Angle-style body permits vertical stem orientation
  • Balanced or unbalanced perforated plug

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