Schroedahl DK Desuperheater

Schroedahl Desuperheater

The DK series is Schroedalh's premier offering for precision desuperheating

With the DK series, desuperheating (cooling) steam can simply be. achieved by injecting water into the steam flow. When injected, the water is evaporated by means of the desuperheater nozzles. Thereby, the water absorbs heat and consequently the temperature of steam is reduced. The desuperheater type DKV is designed so that even at low injection water quantities an efficient spray of very fine droplets (mist) is obtained.

The nozzles in the sprayhead are designed to give the injection water a high velocity and a radial rotating movement under all conditions. The result is a fine pressure atomization and very quick evaporation

Pump Protection Valve Models

DescriptionProduct ModelAppropriate Solutions
Probe StyleDKCondensate Systems, District Heating, Main Steam System, Process Control, Process Heating

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