VETEC Rotary Control Valves

Rotary V Control Valves

The VETEC line of Rotary Plug Valves from Samson are the ideal choice for critical control valve applications that require free passage, stable action at small opening angles, and high KVs values. Samson VETEC Rotary Plug Valves combine the advantages of Dom Valves, Butterfly Valves, and traditional Control Valves into one compact package. As a result, many applications that cannot utilize traditional control valves can make use of VETEC Rotary Plug Valves.

Samson VETEC Rotary Plug Valves have other advantages over traditional control valves as well. VETEC Rotary Plug Valves do not require the media current to be diverted through the housing wall (especially useful for abrasive / sticky media). The high Kvs values of VETEC Plug Valves (up to 200% larger than a valve of comparative size) allow less expensive, smaller valve nominal sizes to be used in the place of bulkier, traditional control valves. This saves both space and money.

Samson VETEC Rotary Plug Valves also have outstanding rangeability. Because the plug in VETEC valves does not dip into the seat, the design allows for a significant rangeability increase compared to traditional models. While typical valves possess rangeabllities of 1:30 to 1:50, VETEC Rotary Plug Valves attain average values of 1:200.

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