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Samson Controls manufactures high-quality control valves, with a focus on Globe Valves, Eccentric Plug Valves, and High-Performance Butterfly Valves.Samson products have found a multitude of niches to fill in the world of industrial control. While the skilled crafting traditions of the past determine their quality, Samson valves are fully equipped with the technology of today and tomorrow.

Samson Controls also offers a full line of valve accessories, including durable Positioners, Limit Switches, and Solenoid Valves. Designed and manufactured with the same heritage of quality craftsmanship found in Samson's valve line, Samson Valve Accessories are ideal for any valve assembly package. Samson Positioners, Limit Switches, and Solenoid Valves are available in a variety of models to meet specific application requirements, including specialized housings for increased durability.

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Quick Ship Program

In order to better support our customer's Control Valve requirements, AC Controls has put a Quick Ship program in place for Samson Control Valves. We have Control Valves for Steam, Gasses, and Fluids of all sorts in stock and can ship them in 1-2 days if needed.

These valves are 1/2" through 3" Globe Valves in Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, and Stainless Steel materials, with both screwed and ANSI 150 Flanged connections. Call AC Controls now at (704)-545-4500 for more information or to place an order.

Valves, Control Systems, and Automation Products from Samson

Leusch Butterfly Valves »

Leusch butterfly valves, designed specifically for harsh environments with high or low temperatures, as well as high pressure.

Leusch Butterfly Valves from Samson are ideal for high pressure and high/low temperature application…

Globe Valves »

Premium Globe valves from Samson, for chemical, petrochemical, refinery, power, pharmaceutical, food, and brewing applications.

German-engineered Globe Valves from Samson offer efficient performance with a modular design.

VETEC Rotary Control Valves »

Samson VETEC Rotary Plug Valves offer space and money savings for critical control valve applications.

Samson VETEC Rotary Plug Valves are ideal for critical control valve applications in cramped environ…

Solenoid Valves »

Samson Solenoid valves provide robust and reliable control for rotary and linear actuators.

Samson Solenoid Valves provide secure control for linear and rotary actuators.

Positioners and Limit Switches »

Positioners and Limit Switches from Samson Controls provide reliable control and adjustment for valve packages in industrial environments

Samson manufactures quality Positioners and Limit Switches for Valve control and management

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