Samson Globe Valves

Samson Globe Valves

Samson offers premium German-engineered Globe Valves for industrial use. Samson Globe Valves are the result of years of refined craftsmanship, with modular designs, accessories, and styles to meet every application requirement. Globe Valves from Samson are ideal for use in chemical, petrochemical, refinery, power, pharmaceutical, brewing, and food processing applications. Samson Globe Valves can meet the needs of these varied environments through innovative valve technologies.

The key to the success of Samson’s Globe Valve technology is the modular design of every Globe Valve. This modular nature lowers overall weight and size while allowing common parts and maintenance methods to easily transfer between products.

The seat, plug, and packing design of Samson Globe Valves are also unique. The maintenance free system requires only 4 parts to rebuild the valve (seat, plug, body gasket, and packing). All of the plug stems are burnished to strengthen their integrity. As a result the valve is more durable and also easier to repair if necessary.

Samson Globe Valves offer integral attachment of positioners and limit switches, and the compact actuator system can be rotated 360° for installation. Valves and accessories can also be made or encased in a variety of materials to meet application requirements. Materials include cast iron, brass, and stainless steel. Samson also offers a bellows and insulating section with patented, zero-emission technology that is rated for 100,000 full cycles.

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