Promation Electric Actuators

ProMation Engineering

ProMation Engineering provides high-quality Electric Actuators for industrial applications. ProMation Actuators are designed for the harshest environments, and are ideal for industrial waste water treatment and process control applications. With over 75 years of experience in process controls and automation, ProMation Engineering has the skills and knowledge to create products that last at a competitive price. ProMation Engineering manufactures both Electric Quarter-turn Actuators and Electric Spring Return Actuators, with and without manual overrides.

Electric Quarter-turn Actuators from ProMation Engineering are ideal for controlling Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Plug Valves, and Segmented Control Valves. Due to simplified wiring designs, installation, maintenance, and cost are reduced on all ProMation Actuators. Quarter-Turn Actuators are suited for on/off or proportional control applications.

Electric Spring Return Actuators from ProMation are manufactured in a variety of models. NEMA housings, ISO 5211 compliance, multiple torque ranges, and other features are available. Products from the P, PA-PD, D, and PL Series Actuators from ProMation Engineering can fulfill practically any process control application imaginable.

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