Prime Technologies' ProCal Calibration Management Software

Prime Technologies

Prime Technologies provides turnkey solutions for managing industrial calibration. Specializing in calibration and maintenance for FDA, ISO, and other regulated industries, ProCal calibration tools from Prime Technologies ensure regulatory compliance day-in and day-out. ProCal software is also designed to maintain and validate calibration assets, providing best practices usage for your environment.

ProCalV5 Calibration Management Software is the premiere Prime Technologies product offering, and an ideal choice for organizations of all sizes, from small to enterprise. With pre-structured associations for systems, instruments, loops, and other data, ProCal saves time and money. Automatic alerts, multiple simultaneous calibrations, and portable pc import/export make lifetime management a breeze.

ProCalV5 uses non-proprietary database tools such as Access, OracleDB, or SQL Server. It also offers full compatibility with Honeywell 2020 calibrators, and can integrate with SAP, CMMS, and other applications.

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