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Keystone Valves - Butterfly & Ball Valves - Actuation (Tyco Valves)

Keystone Butterfly Valves and Ball Valves have been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the process industry since 1951. Along with Keystone Actuation and Control products, Keystone offers a unified package for exceptional performance.  Keystone products can be configured to meet exacting application requirements, from industrial to commercial, with efficient, reliable performance.

For information on Keystone products or custom automation packages, including Keystone Ball Valves, Keystone High-Performance Butterfly Valves, Keystone Actuation products & Keystone Control products, contact AC Controls.

Keystone Valves

High Performance Butterfly Valves »

With ASME ratings of 150/300 and specialty valve materials available, Keystone high performance butterfly valves suited for demanding applications.

Keystone High Performance K-LOK Butterfly Valves designed for dependable control.

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves »

Keystone Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves such as GRW and GRL valves are ideal for heavy duty applications such as fire protection, water treatment, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, and many others

Keystone Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves designed for heavy duty applications.

Ball Valves »

Keystone’s rugged K-Ball line of Ball Valves offers a comprehensive selection of configurations to meet your exact application requirements.

Keystone K-Ball series of Ball Valves for oil, water, and chemical processes.

Actuators »

The pneumatic Figure 89 Actuator from Keystone provides compact, reliable, powered control for quarter-turn valves.

Compact Figure 89 Pneumatic Actuator from Keystone.

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