Keystone Figure 89 Actuator

Keystone Actuator Supplier - The pneumatic Figure 89 Actuatator

The pneumatic Figure 89 Actuator from Keystone provides compact, reliable, powered control for quarter-turn valves. All F89 Actuators incorporate Direct Mounting hardware for painless assembly with Keystone Butterfly Valves. The industrial strength double rack & pinion design nullifies sideloads on the pinion shaft, extending the life of the actuator and minimizing maintenance by reducing wear. The F89 Actuator is housed in a robust aluminum bodied enclosure that is anodized externally and internally for wear and corrosion resistance. Other key design features include adjustable travel stops, anti-blowout drive pinion, and the ability to convert between DA and SR models in the field.

The F89 Actuator is available as either Double Acting or Spring Return with a torque output of 97-36,955 (DA) and 51-14,729 (SR). The maximum air supply pressure is 120 psi. Travel adjustments include over travel (each end) +/- 5° and under travel (each end) -10°, with other custom variations available.

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Figure 89 Specification Sheet and Maintenance & Installation Instructions

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