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AC Controls offers a full line of diaphragm seal assembly and repair services. Our large inventory of diaphragm seal parts allows our factory-trained technicians to custom build an assembly to your specifications. We also have a comprehensive diaphragm seal filling station to fill virtually any seal type.


Our technicians are fully trained in the following skills:

  • Instrument repair and assembly
  • Remote Diaphragm Seal Assembly, filling, and calibration
  • Switch service, repair, and set point adjustment
  • HART, DE, and Foundation Fieldbus communications configuration

Component Options

The AC Controls Instrument Shop specializes in Transmitter, Seal, Capillary, Gauge, and Switch projects. To learn more, or inquire about specific configurations, don't hesitate to contact our team. A sampling of our capabilities includes:

  • Transmitters
    • Differential Pressure and Gauge Pressure
    • Range of 1" WC to 3,000 PSI"
    • Easily add plug-in modules
  • Seal
    • Flush flange
    • Flanged offline
    • Chemical tee
    • Pancake
  • Capillary
    • Lengths from 5' to 35'
    • Close-coupled nipple attachment
    • Standard welded connections, optional threaded connections
  • Gauges & Switches
    • A wide variety of Pressure Gauges and Switches in stock
    • Seal types available: sanitary, pancake, inline, saddle, button & mini-seals, flush, flanged, threaded, or all-welded
    • Accessories available: cooling Elements, capillaries, wall mounting brackets

    Quick Turnaround and Delivery

    When malfunctions occur, you need answers ASAP. Quick, friendly, and efficient customer service is a must. AC Controls offers full repair of remote diaphragm seal transmitters to save you money and provide a quality, long-lasting transmitter. If your instrument is not repairable, we will work with you to provide a suitable replacement.

    Our delivery times lead the industry. We can ship rush orders from our inventory in 2-3 business days. Standard delivery time of items in stock is 2 weeks. Non-stock items will generally be delivered in 3-4 weeks.

    To learn more about the AC Controls Instrument Shop and how we can work together to save your team time and money, please contact us.

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