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Honeywell Wireless Solutions offer flexibility and reduced infrastructure costs for plant managers. Without the need for cable runs wireless transmitters can be deployed and replaced quickly in the field, reducing long-term maintenance costs and losses due to downtime. As a result, Honeywell Wireless products simultaneously improve safety and reduce installation costs. Honeywell Wireless Transmitters can also be placed in corrosive locations that would normally not be suitable for cable runs.

Honeywell Wireless Transmitters

In order to maximize plant efficiency Honeywell offers three distinct Wireless Transmitter Solutions. The XYR 3000 High Density Wireless System provides a simple wireless solution where a high-density input/output and external power is present. The XYR 3000 system supports multiple-unit scaling in order to address future I/O. Supported measurement parameters include Discrete input and Analog input.

The XYR 5000 Wireless Field Transmitter System is a battery-powered unit that can be quickly deployed and configured. A battery life of 3-5 years can be expected. XYR 5000 units integrate seamlessly with existing systems via 4-20mA, Modbus, or OPC connections, or operate as a standalone system. Supported measurement parameters include Acoustic, Discrete Input, pH and Conductivity, Pressure (Absolute, Differential, and Gauge), and Temperature.

The XYR 6000 Wireless Field Transmitter provides an advanced fault-tolerant network. Battery-powered units can be deployed and replaced quickly, and a robust battery life expectancy of 10 years reduces maintenance costs. The XYR 6000 wireless Field Transmitter supports update frequencies as high as once per second for critical applications. XYR 6000 units offer the widest range of measurement parameters including Corrosion, Discrete Input, Analog Input, Pressure (Absolute, Differential, and Gauge), Temperature, Tank Level Gauge, Universal Input, and Position. For more information on Honeywell Wireless Solutions, contact AC Controls.

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