Honeywell PLC, Hybrid Control Systems, and HMI

PLC, Hybrid Control Systems, and HMI

Thanks to Honeywell, process and logic controllers don’t have to be out of reach or overly complicated anymore. With the advanced HC900 Hybrid Control System and MasterLogix PLC, Honeywell has redefined what customers can expect from a programming and logic product. Whether you are a new user looking to start with a small HC900 unit and expand later, or an industry veteran with years of PLC experience, Honeywell’s HC900 or MasterLogix PLC can meet or exceed your requirements.

The Honeywell HC900 Hybrid Control System is designed from the ground-up to deliver modular, expandable performance. The advanced logic controller can be customized to work with practically any application, from boilers and thermal control to chemical and bio-fuel. The modular design lowers the entry barrier for new applications, allowing users to start with a small unit today and expand later to meet increasing demand. HC900 units are accompanied by a touch screen operator interface which simplifies control and monitoring functions, saving users time and money on training.

MasterLogix Programmable PLC products from Honeywell offer modular, scalable, compact systems control for industrial applications. MasterLogix products can be fully integrated with Honeywell’s Experion platform, simplifying management. The flexible nature of the MasterLogix modular design lets users configure the unit for standalone, peer-to-peer, or SCADA operations. If your operation is limited on space, but still demands a high-performance PLC, choose MasterLogix from Honeywell.

The HC900 product line from Honeywell also includes process automation safety controllers, including the new HC900 Safety Controller. The HC900 Safety Controller is ideal for thermal control and unit processing, and can be used in applications requiring SIL2 such as emergency shutdown and burner management systems. For critical application safety, trust the HC900 Safety Controller.

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