Honeywell Experion Distributed Control and SCADA Solutions

Experion Distributed Control and SCADA Solutions

Honeywell offers comprehensive distributed control solutions with its Honeywell Experion LX and Experion HS platforms. Experion offers manufacturing sites a robust HMI (Human Machine Interface) for supervisory control and data acquisition. Experion uses real-time data acquisition along with detailed historical information on trends to keep your engineers fully aware of plant performance. While both Experion LX and Experion HS are based on the Honeywell Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), they are significantly different platforms designed for two separate uses.

Experion LX is a fully scalable SCADA solution designed for growing manufacturing operations, specifically batch and sequence-oriented manufacturing, in need of a reliable distributed control system. Due to its customized design, Experion LX installations have lower power consumption and maintenance costs than most other competitive PLC-based systems. Experion LX gives your staff the knowledge they require to make smart, informed decisions when it comes to efficient automation. To learn more about Experion LX, visit our LX product page.

Experion HS is a full-fledged HMI for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) designed specifically for small and medium automation applications. The Experion HS platform is fully scalable for maximum flexibility. The software can be run on inexpensive workstations, and is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7. Experion HS includes SCADA interfaces for use with other Honeywell devices such as the HC900 Hybrid Controller and MasterLogic PLC, as well as devices from third parties. Give engineers the information they need to perform with the Honeywell Experion HS platform.

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