Honeywell Controllers

Honeywell Controllers - Process Control Products

Honeywell Controllers are designed to simplify your plant management and process control needs. A diverse Controller product lineup means you can always find a balance between price and necessary features. Built on innovative and reliable technology, Honeywell Controllers give your operation enhanced efficiency now, and reduced costs in the future.

General Purpose Controllers

General purpose controllers from Honeywell offer standard features and at a compelling price. Optional configurations include Single or Dual Loop Control, Analog or Digital outputs, Digital inputs for control functions, an intuitive control interface, and RS 485 ASCII or Modbus compatibility. Popular models include:

  • DC 1010
  • DC 1020
  • DC 1030
  • DC 1040

Enhanced Controllers

Honeywell’s Enhanced Controllers introduce additional features including universal analog inputs, RH, Radiamatic, carbon, and oxygen inputs, a heads up display for operator monitoring, Accutune tuning, an IR port, and Ethernet communications. HealthWatch diagnostic software and Fuzzy Logic overshoot protection provide more tools to increase efficiency once the Controller is installed and configured. Popular models in the UDC line include:

  • UDC 1200
  • UDC 2500
  • UDC 3200
  • UDC 3500

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