Honeywell Portable Gas Detection

Portable Gas Detection

Mobile personnel protection, spot leak testing, and confined space monitoring of hazardous gases is a critical aspect of industrial safety. Honeywell Analytics offers its line of portable gas detection products to safeguard both employees and facilities from toxic gases in these situations. Products include BW Technologies portable gas detectors and Sperian mobile gas detectors. Both single and multi-gas monitoring and detection are available. Portable gas detectors from Honeywell Analytics are idea for underground utility, boiler room, first responder, industrial, remote fleet, and sewer applications.

BW Technologies, a Honeywell Analytics brand, delivers sophisticated protection from oxygen, gas, and combustible hazards. Whether you require a reliable single-gas monitor or a fully-featured multi-gas device, BW Technologies has compact, innovative GasAlert products available. The GasAlert line of devices from BW Technologies can also be fully maintained and calibrated using the advanced MicroDock unit, reducing your maintenance costs.

Honeywell Analytics also offers portable gas detection and monitoring devices through its Sperian line. Portable gas detectors from Sperian range from the simple Biosystems ToxiPro single-gas detector, to the advanced fully configurable 6 channel Biosystems PHD6. Sperian also produces a full line of accessories and sensors to compliment your Biosystems gas detection device.

For more information on how Honeywell Analytics portable gas monitors can protect your employees and facilities, please contact AC Controls.

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