Honeywell Gas Detection Equipment

Honeywell Analytics Flammable & Toxic Gas Detection Equipment

Honeywell Analytics flammable gas detection equipment and toxic gas detection equipment increase the safety of working environments in the process industry. Over the past fifty years, Honeywell Analytics has grown to be the largest gas and fire detection company in the world. By measuring flammable and toxic gasses present in your plant, Honeywell Analytics provides your employees with the information they need to work safely and productively.

Utilizing both aggressive R&D and acquisition of brands such as BW Technologies, Sieger, Zellweger, MDA Scientific, Sperion, Manning, Fire Sentry, Vulcain, CityCell, and Neotronics, Honeywell now represents the broadest offering of flammable & toxic gas detection equipment and gas & fire detection products in the industry. For more information on Honeywell Analytics flammable & toxic gas detectection equipment, products, and gas & fire safety, contact AC Controls.

Honeywell gas detection equipment

Fixed Gas Detection »

We offer high quality fixed gas detection products for LEL, and hazardous gas monitoring. Honeywell Analytics Fixed Gas Detection products are part of their Zellweger, Sieger Sensepoint, and Vareba lines.

Fixed Gas Detection products for LEL and hazardous gas monitoring from Zellweger, Sieger Sensepoint,…

Fire Detection »

Honeywell Analytics offers the Fire Sentry line of products for advanced fire detection.

Fire Sentry products from Honeywell Analytics Fire Detection branch safeguard your operation and emp…

Portable Gas Detection »

Portable Gas Detection products from Honeywell Analytics' BW and Sperion product lines keep your workers and facilities safe from hazardous gases. These products offer maximum flexibility in placement and alternative use scenarios.

Portable Gas Detection from Honeywell Analytics' BW Tech and Sperion lines keep your workers safe wh…

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