Honeywell Analytics Fixed Gas Detection

Fixed Gas Detection

Harmful gases and process byproducts are a major concern in the industrial sector. Protecting your employees and facility with proper gas monitoring and detection systems is of crucial importance. Honeywell Analytics has a comprehensive line of fixed gas detection products to safeguard your operation from start to finish. Simplify your installation and maintenance by using Honeywell Analytics for your entire range of gas monitoring and detection needs.

Honeywell Analytics is able to offer an unbeatable range of products due to aggressive innovation and acquisition of other companies. Outstanding gas detection products from Zellweger, Sieger Sensepoint, and Vareba are now a part of the Honeywell Analytics family. These products include the Sensepoint, XNX Universal, and Optima Plus line of gas detection systems. Sensepoint, XNX Universal, and Optima Plus products can meet most operation requirements due to their high levels of customization. These detectors can be configured to meet your exact specifications, increasing safety and compliance.

Honeywell Analytics offers other fixed gas detection systems as well, including the HA series of digital gas controllers and Manning harsh environment detectors. For more information on the full line of fixed gas detection products from Honeywell Analytics, or for questions on customization, please contact AC Controls.

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