Honeywell Fire Detection

Fire Detection

Fire hazards are a threat to employees, facilities, and the environment. Honeywell Analytics has a full range of fire and flame detectors and detection systems to fully safeguard your operation. Typical applications include oil and gas, petrochemicals, agriculture, manufacturing, water and wastewater treatment, plastics, and other specialty industrial processes. Applications of this nature require stringent fire detection, and Honeywell Analytics has solutions.

Fire detection from Honeywell Analytics starts with the Fire Sentry line of products. Fire Sentry units are available in a variety of different models, providing maximum safety for your specific process. Fire Sentry Flame and Fire Detectors use industry-leading technologies, many of which are exclusive to Honeywell Analytics. From WideBand IR to UV and Electro-Optical, Honeywell Analytics has the right technology for the right protection. Popular products in the Fire Sentry Line include:

  • 1. Fire Sentry FS24X, which is a WideBand IR and Visible detection technology-based flame and fire detector
  • 2. Fire Sentry FS20X, which is a Multi-Spectrum fire and flame detector that is a part of the advanced Elctro-Optical family of detection devices.
  • 3. Fire Sentry SS3 and SS4, which are digital, Multi-Spectrum, Optical fire and flame detectors that can be fully reprogrammed.

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