Flexim Non-Invasive Flow Measurement


Flexim specializes in non-invasive flow measurement. Flexim FLUXUS transducers and transmitters can be clamped onto the outside of piping, and utilize specialized ultrasonic technology to measure the flow of liquids or gases. FLUXUS measurements are all performed without direct contact with the subject material, and the clamp installation method means you never have to re-engineer your pipes. They can even be installed during normal operation, with zero machine downtime.

FLUXUS flowmeters are available in a variety of transmitter and transducer models. Common applications include water/wastewater, chemical/petrochemical, power generation, and oil exploration. Multiple housings choices, including rugged, 316SE Stainless Steel housings designed for the harshest industrial environments, ensure an exact fit for your application. FLUXUS clamps can fit on pipe sizes ranging from ¼” to 144”. Additionally, since FLUXUS transmitters and transducers are installed external to the subject material, they are naturally 100% wear-and abrasive-free.

For more information on Flexim FLUXUS non-invasive flowmeters, contact AC Controls.

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