Fireye PrimeLine

Fireye PrimeLine

Primeline products form the backbone of standard Fireye flame safeguard and combustion management installations. Control units, display modules, programmers, amplifiers, and remote control capabilities are integrated for maximum compatibility and ease of use. Fireye designed Primeline products with modularity in mind for flexible installations. This modularity allows users to customize every Fireye product to match exact environmental requirements. As a result, Fireye products increase safety and efficiency in burner management and flame safeguard applications.

Fireye Primeline products consist of Flame-Monitor Controls, BurnerLogix Controls, InTouch Wireless Monitoring, Nexus Integrated Burner Controls, D-Series Controls, Micro-M Controls, M-Series II Controls, FlameWorx II Modules, MB Multi-Burner Controls, and custom BoilerWorx software for boiler room management. Every product line has a unique purpose:

  • Flame-Monitor Controls provide proper burner sequencing, ignition, and flame monitoring protection for oil, gas, and combination fuel applications. Flame-Monitor Controls consists of the E110 Chassis, ED510 Display Module, programmers, scanners, and wiring base.
  • BurnerLogix is a comprehensive microprocessor based burner management control system for burner sequencing, ignition, and flame monitoring protection for oil, gas, and combination fuel applications. BurnerLogix Controls consists of the YB110/YB230 chassis, flame amplifier, programmer, flame detector, and wiring base.
  • InTouch Wireless Monitoring provides wireless monitoring of up to 10 Flame-Monitor or MicroM controls. The InTouch system is fully configurable for alarm, messaging, and management controls.
  • Nexus Burner products provide microprovessor based tool for both flame safeguard and parallel positioning combustion in one compact package. Nexus Controls consists of the controller, display, sensors, servo-motors, and optional ComFire software.
  • MicroM series Controls are compact and modular burner management solutions for commercial applications that maintain compatibility with existing M-Series Controls.. MicroM Controls consists of a flame scanner, amplifier and programmer modules, chassis, and wiring base.
  • M-Series II Controls provide automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for gas and light oil fuels. M-Series II Controls consists of flame scanners / flame rods, amplifiers, programmer modules, chassis, and wiring base.

Every line offers a multitude of products and modules, from programmers to control units. Specific modules should be selected to match your application requirements, including the correct type of flame scanner and controller for proper ultraviolet / infrared detection.

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