Fireye Flame Safeguard & Combustion Control Equipment

Fireye Flame Safeguard & Combustion Control Equipment

On the cutting edge of flame safeguard and combustion control equipment & technology, Fireye manufactures high-quality products for industrial environments. Fireye’s research and development led to an early dominance in the combustion industry, with a long line of firsts – from developing Dual UV and IR scanners programmable for both oil and gas, to microprocessor programming control. With a history of innovation to build on, Fireye flame safeguard & combustion control equipment continues to use bold technologies to improve performance. If your flame safeguard or combustion applications demand quality, Fireye has the solution. For more information on Fireye products, contact AC Controls.

Fireye Combustion Management

Primeline »

Fireye Primeline products provide efficient, modular, and reliable flame safeguard and burner management. Fireye products can be customized for any application.

Fireye Primeline products provide efficient, modular burner management and flame safeguard controls.…

System Components »

Fireye flame scanners, amplifiers, fiber optic assemblies, igniters, and system components for industrial flame safeguard and burner management applications.

Fireye flame scanners, amplifiers, and fiber optic assemblies increase the safety of burner manageme…

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