Fireye System Components

Fireye System Components

Fireye provides a variety of ultraviolent and infrared scanners, amplifiers, and fiber optic assemblies for industrial use. Flame scanners, and other system components from Fireye, are ideal for system burner management and flame safeguard applications. Fireye flame scanners, amplifiers, and fiber optics are available in a multitude of models to fit your application requirements.

Fireye flame scanners include the InSight, Phoenix, Signature, BGC (Background Gain Control), and Ultraviolet 45UV5 series scanners. While the majority of these scanners are designed for specific environments and flame types, some models (such as the InSight series) have dual sensors. These dual sensors allow them to be used with either infrared or ultraviolet applications. Models are also available with specialized housings for corrosive or explosive environments.

Flame amplifiers from Fireye maximize burner discrimination for compatible Fireye scanners. Integrating with the flame scanner, the amplifier helps provide a reliable ignition and flame protection system for industrial applications. Fireye amplifiers offer programmable alarms and relays, as well as built-in displays for reviewing system parameters.

Fiber Optic assemblies from Fireye offer specialized flame scanning for liquid and solid fuel burners in environments with obscure or reduced line of sight on the flame pattern. This may include environments with movable vanes, air compartments, or protruding burner nozzles. Fiber Optic assemblies are fully modular and can be designed to fit your exact requirements.

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