Displacer level transmitters

  • Continuous measurement of level, liquid-liquid interface or density at extreme process conditions
  • Measuring range: 0.3…5.5  / 1…18 ft
  • Density: ≥0.45 kg/l / ≥28.1 lb/ft3
  • -40…+400°C / +752°F; -1…400 barg / -14.5…10000 psig

The BW 25 is a loop-powered displacer level transmitter for measuring and/or detecting liquid level or liquid-liquid interface under extreme process conditions. It can deal with corrosive media, high temperatures (up to +400°C / +752°F) and high pressures (up to 400 barg / 5800 psig).

The BW 25 can be used as level indicator without the need of auxiliary power supply. Equipped with a switch module the unit can be used as level switch. With a transmitter module, the unit will function as level transmitter. The three function modes can be combined. Retrofitting the device for receiving add-on functionality is possible without interrupting the process. The BW 25 can also be installed in a bypass chamber, e.g. for applications with agitators.

Product Highlights

  • Transmitter, level switch and indicator in one device
  • Easy adjustable level switch with max. 2 set points
  • Can be used as mechanical indicator without auxiliary power supply
  • Modular design for retrofitting under process conditions
  • Welded process seal with external mount housing

Typical Applications

  • Tanks with hydrocarbons, solvents, bases at extreme process conditions
  • Interface measurement with large emulsion layers
  • Bypass chamber for applications with agitators
  • Applications in non-hazardous and hazardous areas

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