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AC Controls first provided boiler controls in the Carolinas over 50 years ago. We now proudly carry that tradition and experience forward to every new job and application. As the demand for turnkey applications has increased, AC Controls has continued to adapt to meet the needs of existing and new clients. We established a wholly owned subsidiary, AC Technical Services, in 2002 to focus on this need.

Boiler control services from AC Technical Services are focused on Burner Management Systems (BMS) and Combustion Control Systems (CCS). Our personnel continue to innovate with safety in mind by providing systems on boilers from 100 HP to 80,000 PPH, firing Natural Gas, Fuel Oil and/or Coal.

All of Our Systems Include:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency

Our Experience Includes:

  • Burner Management Systems
  • Fully Metered Cross Limited Systems
  • Parallel Systems
  • Jackshaft Systems

Boiler Management Systems sequence and monitor flame presence as well as monitor all of the limit controls for the boiler. This increases safety in and around the boiler significantly. ACTS uses state -of-the-art equipment from industry leaders such as Fireye in our BMS applications. A properly configured Boiler Management System is critical for boiler operation and safety.

ACTS also offers Combustion Control Systems (CCS) to complement our Boiler Management Systems. Combustion Control Systems increase efficiency and safety by monitoring the fuel/air ratio during the firing process of the boiler. ACTS uses the latest products including HC900, Experion LS/HS, Smart Transmitters, as well as Modular and DCS systems from Honeywell and others.

AC Technical Services will bid, design, build, install, and/or start up complete Burner Management and Combustion Control Systems. Once your application is up and running, AC Technical Services offers comprehensive service contracts for continued reliability and efficiency. ACTS is able to offer dedicated configuration, installation, and support for all your boiler requirements. Personnel such as Programmers, Project Managers and Service Technicians are strategically located throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. ACTS personnel can be on your site with short notice to determine your project, equipment or service needs.

Our emphasis has always been, and will always be, on safety and efficiency!

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