Pentair AVID Controls & Accessories

Pentair AVID Controls - Automated Valve Interface Devices

Avid manufactures Valve accessories to enable intelligent monitoring and control of valve installations. Specializing in Positioners and Position Monitors/Limit Switches, Avid products are the premiere choice for innovative, reliable Valve accessories. Pentair (Tyco) Avid products are specifically designed to complement Valves from Pentair Valves and Controls. This close product relationship reduces installation and troubleshooting time, creating a truly integrated control system. For more information on how Avid and Tyco Valves and Controls can create an integrated control system, contact AC Controls.

Positioners, Limit Switches, and Position Monitors from Tyco Avid.

Positioners »

Tyco Avid EaziCal and SmartCal Positioners provide communication, calibration, and performance monitoring for control valve installations.

Avid EaziCal and SmartCal Positioners simplify Actuator monitoring and calibration.

Position Monitors/Limit Switches »

Tyco Avid Position Monitors/Limit Switches monitor and control your automated quarter-turn Valves.

Position Monitors/Limit Switches from Tyco Avid for the control and visual monitoring of Valves.

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