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Avid EaziCal and SmartCal Positioners provide vital communication, calibration, and performance monitoring functions for valve installations. Avid products are designed for actuator calibration, position feedback, performance verification, and control valve status intelligence. Pneumatic connections on all Avid Positioners are ¼” NPT or G1/4 ISO 228. The EaziCal and SmartCal units each provide unique functions in order to meet your application requirements.

The ultimate innovation in ease of installation, EaziCal Positioners can be fully calibrated by simply pushing the AutoCal button or via IR signal. This remote management system allows the unit to be recalibrated even if installed in hazardous locations. A corrosion resistant resin enclosure is certified to IP66 approval for general purpose use, and the low-profile ModMount assembly creates a direct mount to the actuator. The EasiFix adjustment system simplifies adding position sensors with self-locking cams that can be quickly adjusted without special tools. Additionally the HiVue Local Visual Display shows the exact valve position in any direction, visible at a distance of up to 164 feet (50 meters). Both the shaft and hardware are made from stainless steel for added durability.

Pentair Avid’s SmartCal Intelligent Positioner is factory-equipped for on-site calibration using the AutoCal button or remote management via handheld HART interface or FDT/DTM applications. SmartCal is fully responsive to commands and diagnostic functions via the HART protocol, and is Foundation Fieldbus compatible. Real-time monitoring is supplemented by precise measurements of all operations, including air pressure, stem position, and input signal. SmartCal Positioners are designed for zero and span adjustments as well as PID and transducer calibration. Additionally SmartCal Positioners use non-contacting means of positions sensing, allowing use of advanced control plans.

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