Avid Position Monitors & Limit Switches

AVID Position Monitors - Limit Switches - K-Switch, AL, ZR/ZR PLUS, K-Block

Avid Position Monitors are designed to monitor and control automated quarter-turn Valves. Avid Position Monitors/Limit Switches are designed to work seamlessly with products from Pentair Valves and Controls, for a truly integrated valve control solution. Position Monitors/Limit Switches from Avid include a variety of innovative features. The HiVue visual display is a corrosion and impact resistant visual position indicator visible at distances up to 150 feet in any direction. The EasiFix system offers easy, tool-free cam adjustment in the field. Multiple product lines exist in order to provide the perfect unit for your specific application, including the - K-Switch, AL, ZR/ZR PLUS, and K-Block models.

The Avid K-Switch Position Monitor/Limit Switch is a compact, easy-to-read, visual position indicator. A high-strength enclosure protects the internal mechanical/proximity switches that are prewired to the terminal strip for easy installation in the field. Robust triple protection stem seals protect the unit from invasive debris. Avid K-switches also feature dual ¾” NPT conduit entries and Avid’s innovative EasiFix technology. All K-Switch products are designed for direct mounting to the actuator via the ModMount assembly as well as NAMUR drive shafts for bracket mounting.

The Avid AL Position Monitor is a general purpose (NEMA 4, 4X) unit in an aluminum enclosure. Switch adjustments are a breeze due to Avid’s tool-free EasiFix technology, and the unit offers either two mechanical switches or optional proximity switches. AL Position Monitors also utilize Avid’s HiVue local visual display. All AL Position Monitors ship with standard ModMount assembly for direct mounting Pentair actuators as well as NAMUR drive shafts for bracket mounting.

Avid ZR and ZR PLUS Position Monitors are available with a variety of service classifications and enclosure ratings, from NEMA 4X to NEMA 9. Designed for use with mechanical and solid-state proximity position sensors, Avid ZR and ZR PLUS Position Monitors offer the ultimate model flexibility. EasiFix tool-free cam adjustment, HiVue visual position indication, and integrated ModMount assembly complete the full-featured ZR and ZR PLUS product package. Additionally the ZR PLUS integrates 3-way or 4-way pre-wired Solenoid Valves within the enclosure for added durability and protection.

The Avid K-Block Position Indicator uses strictly solid-state inductive proximity switches in order to detect the target without physical contact. As a result there are no mechanical contacts involved, reducing the potential for wear and false signal due to contact malfunctions. The position sensor is composed of two inductive proximity switches housed inside the protective NEMA 6 enclosure for maximum protection. K-Block Position Indicators are designed for mounting on all actuators from Pentair Valves and Controls as well as NAMUR-compliant patterns.

Avid XA Position Monitors offer NEMA 4, 4X, 7, and 9 aluminum enclosures with either mechanical or proximity switches. The pre-wired terminal block simplifies wiring as well as offering two additional points for Solenoid Valve integration. Avid’s EasiFix, HiVue, and ModMount technologies are also integrated into the XA Position Monitor’s design for a fully-featured end product.

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