Applied Sensor Technologies

Applied Sensor Technologies

Applied Sensor Technologies is a division of United Electric Controls specializing in Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermowells & Protection Tubes, Transmitters, and sensing accessories. A wealth of experience and variety allows Applied Sensor Technologies to offer products for applications from lab equipment to blast furnaces. Quality materials and quality manufacturing produce sound sensor products designed to last. Typical applications for products from Applied Sensor Technologies include scientific instruments, food equipment, medical equipment, aerospace, and energy production. In these, and other applicable environments, Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermowells, and other sensing technology increase your efficiency and safety.

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Thermoweels, thermocouples, RTD's, and transmitters from Applied Sensor Technologies

Thermocouples »

High-quality Thermocouples from Applied Sensor Technologies, a division of United Electric Controls.

High-quality Thermocouples from Applied Sensor Technologies.

RTD's »

RTD's from Applied Sensor Technologies, for hot and cold temperature measurement applications.

RTD's for stable temperature measurement from Applied Sensor Technologies.

Thermowells »

Thermowells from Applied Sensor Technologies protect your United Electric Temperature Sensors.

Protect your Temperature Sensors with Thermowells from Applied Sensor Technologies.

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